Iguana 3


Iguana, known to Dr. Connors as "Iggy", is a Cross-Species Mutate that was one of the first attempts to merge lizard and human DNA. The operation later was succesful and Iguana ran amok across New York City during the aftermath of the Chitauri Invasion. He was later caught and imprisoned by SHIELD.

Of all the cross-species to come out of Oscorp, only Iguana was never claimed as a creation of any of the company's scientists. That's because its true creator, Curt Connors himself, had no idea that one of his own former experiments would evolve into the fearsome Iguana.

After SHIELD fell HYDRA broke him out and recruited him to the Goblin's Sinister Six division.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

The Iguana had all of Curt Connors' memories and the Lizard's powers with none of Curt's humanity. He could scale walls, command other reptiles, use his claws and prehensile tail as weapons and was bulletproof, but was extremely light and temperature-sensitive.

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