Iron maniac

The Iron Maniac

The Iron Maniac is a Life Model Decoy of Tony Stark originally built by HYDRA scientists commanded by Colonel Helmut Zemo using technology stolen from the Winter Soldier Program and an artificial intelligence coding based on mental patterns from Victor Domashev and Ultron. It was brought to life using cosmic energies harnessed from the fractured pieces of the Chitauri Scepter and the Mind Stone, and brought under Doom's control to serve as his lethal bodyguard in his efforts to protect the world and enforce the superhuman regulations as stated in the Sokovia Accords put into legal action following the events of the Civil War. Zemo, being the one to have been used the Accords and the Winter Soldier Program as a smokescreen to cover his plans to divide the Avengers amongst themselves, was later placed in charge to supervise the Iron Maniac within the ranks of the U.S. Government's Thunderbolt Initiative to hunt down the escaping Avengers and, if necessary, kill the real Tony Stark should he ever get involved.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Seems to have some type of cybernetic enhancement. Armor provides:

  • Flight
  • Repulsors
  • Uni-beam
  • Electrical shock
  • Power dampeners
  • Sonics