Iron clad


Mike Steel was an engineer, scientist, and pilot before gaining his superhuman powers. With his teammates, he attempted to using gamma radiation to achieve superhuman attributes through a cosmic ray belt, and gained superhuman powers just as the Avengers did. His team then first battled the Hulk, although during the battle Ironclad lost control of his powers and sank into the ground. His teammate X-Ray bombarded the spot where he had sank with cosmic rays, boosting Steel's power until he could control it and dig his way back out to be reunited with the U-Foes

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ironclad's body has been bombarded with cosmic rays far greater then that of The Thing, since then his teammate X-Ray has once more bathed him in cosmic rays so as to achieve better control over his powers.

  • Metallic-Armored-like Skin: Ironclad's body is covered in a metallic-like and remarkably tough armored skin.
    • Superhuman Strength: He possesses super-human strength (around 85 -90 tons), but nowhere near to the same level as the Hulk, a fact that he seems to be unable to accept.
    • Superhuman Durability: The metallic-like composition of Ironclad body renders him highly resistant to physical injury. His body can resist extremely powerful impact forces, such as the force of the Hulk's punches (the Hulk can lift/press far above 100 tons making his punches devastatingly strong). His body can also withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -75 degrees to 800 degrees Fahrenheit for up to one hour before exposure or heat prostration occurs.
    • Mass/Density Manipulation The ability to increase or decrease his weight allowing him to hover in the air, or weigh as much as mountain.