Frost giant liberty

The being that would become Jack Frost was a frost giant infant left behind during the conflict with the Asgardians. He would later be raised by a number of families across the years. In the 1940's during World War II, the Frost Giant was found and captured by the Axis Powers' soldiers. Patriot later freed the being and he was later recruited into the Liberty Legion under the alias Jack Frost.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a Jotunn, Jack Frost possesses a range of abilities inherent with his race.

  • Superhuman strength: Despite his dwarfish size compared to most Frost Giants, his species lineage still grants him a very high level of strength.
  • Durability: Jack is highly resistant to physical injury.
  • Longevity: Jack's lifespan is far greater than that of a human. He was depicted in appearances more than a thousand years apart, yet without showing much sign of age in that time.
  • Cold manipulation: Jack's body can dissipate heat energy in his near vicinity, giving him a freezing touch that can harm an human. He can use this ability to shape rudimentary crushing and impaling weapons from ice.

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