Jester - By jaggu dada
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6' 2"
Weight 86 Kilograms

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Jonathan Powers was originally a struggling actor whom possessed a huge ego of what he felt his career should be. He eventually got his big break as the lead in an off-Broadway revival of Cyrano de Bergerac. Panned by critics, jeered by the audience, and disdained by his fellow performers, Powers was fired after one performance. Obsessively, he continued to study the various arts and crafts that he thought would make him a versatile actor: fencing, gymnastics, body building, pretty much everything except acting lessons. Still, he was only able to find employment as a stooge on a children's television show taped in New York.

Jester Lives Edit

Finally getting fed up with having pies thrown in his face and being treated like crap in the entertainment industry, Powers decided that if the public wants laughter at other people's expense, he would give it to them. Contracting one of Wilson Fisk's weapons dealers, Johnathan made the dealer build him an array of toy-based gimmicks, Powers fashioned himself a gaudy harlequin-like disguise and called himself the Jester. Committing a wave of crimes based on his toys and gimmicks, and then secretly hired by crime lord Kingpin to kill Franklin Nelson and Mathew Murdock. Before he could finish the job, the Jester was opposed by Daredevil, who eventually stopped his criminal activities and saw him put behind bars.

However jester soon escaped and after geting in touch with some agents of the recently revived hydra leader daniel whitehall meet with and stroke a bargain to use whitehall resources to recruite others with a grudge against hell kitchen and burn it to the ground and help hydra track down fragments of the shut down sheild

Abilities Edit

The Jester is an above-average athlete with special skills in the fields of gymnastics, swordsmanship, and unarmed combat.

Paraphernalia Edit

Jester's Arsenal: The Jester employs a variety of harmless-looking toys and gimmicks modified into deadly weapons or special tools. The Jester is constantly expanding and refining his arsenal of deadly toys.

  • Yo-Yo Whip: He has a yo-yo whose weighted knob can be used for striking and whose thin steel cable can be used for strangling.
  • Marble Bombs: He has a bag of polished ball bearing marbles which he throws onto the ground to make an opponent lose his footing. These marbles can also contain explosives in their centers.
  • Electric Gloves: He has a pair of gloves rigged with a high voltage electrical charge, that can be used to shock an enemy either dead or knock them out.

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