Kala while working with her former compatriots

Kala, formerly known as Madeleine Kale, is a former A.I.M. researcher who was assigned to study the ancient underwater kingdom of Atlantis and its mystical artifacts in the hopes of using its power for use in global conquest. She soon acquired a vial of Terrigen Mist from an unknown contact, thinking that the Terrigen Crystals were somehow connected to the origins of the ancient city, and absorbed the mist into her own being, hoping to out herself as an Inhuman and become all-powerful. The results of her Terrigenesis gave her an advanced knowledge of military tactics and ancient Atlantean wisdom, but it also gave her the unintended side-effect of causing her to shift into an aged, haggard appearance whenever she was in contact with the Earth's atmosphere. Fleeing in shame over her curse, Madeleine was soon found by an Inhuman tracker, who took her to safety in an Underground terrace next to the Mole Man's territory. There, she found out that her new home was a small part of the Atlantean continent that had been broken away during the great sinking event thousands of years ago by a load of enhanced-Terrigen Crystals. With glee over discovering a valuable piece to her research, Madeleine renamed herself Kala, after the mother-ape in Edgar Rice Burrough's famed Tarzan novels, and used her advanced knowledge of combat to take control over the underground Atlantis piece and rule over it as its queen. She has since re-established connections with A.I.M., relating her gained knowledge over Atlantis and the Inhumans to help them with their grand schemes, while also receiving specialized treatments of Terrigen Mist to stave off the aging effects while going above to the surface.

Abilities Edit

Kala is a competent ruler and military commander.

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