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Kate Bishop was born into a life of privilege and luxury, and at some point when she was a teenager lost her mother. Weeks later she was walking through Central Park and was attacked, and while the precise nature of this attack has never been clearly stated, it is implied that she was sexually assaulted. This turned her sense of grief, shame and helplessness towards positive ends, Kate began a rigorous training regimen, schooling herself in the arts of archery, fencing, sword fighting, self defense, and several other types of combat, all in an attempt to prepare herself against such an attack in the future and prevent it from happening to others.

When she moved into her senior year at High School she met Cassie Lang and the two became quick friends, she eventually met Scott Lang Cassie's father who was a member of the Avengers. Scott was impressed with Kate's skills and so he recommended her as a candidate for the Young Avengers Initiative. After she was admitted she was given the code name Hawkeye and Clint Barton's bow and arrows, along with his blessing to be his protege.

Abilities Edit

Kate Bishop possesses several skills, including:
Kate bishop

Kate Bishop

  • Skilled Athlete: Kate is very athletic.
  • Proficient Martial Artist: She has been trained in self-defense, and is skilled in boxing, jiu jitsu, and other forms of unarmed combat.
  • Master Archer: Kate is an excellent archer.
  • Adept Swordswoman: She is adept in both fencing and sword fighting.
  • Weaponry: She is skilled at using swords, bows, arrows, and battle staves

Weapons Edit

Kate wields a variety of weapons modeled after ones she had obtained from the Avengers.

  • Hawkeye's Bow: Kate formally used a bow of her own design before being given Hawkeye's Bowby Captain America.
  • Utility Belt: Kate wears a utility belt modeled and based after the one worn by the Black Widow.
  • Hawkeye's Sword: Kate wields a sword modeled after the Swordman's Sword.
  • Kree Composite Soul Bow: A vintage Kree weapon received from Marvel Boy.

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