Kearson DeWitt

Kearson DeWitt was an old friend of Obadiah Stane's as well as a executive member of the board of Stark Industries. Kearson worked with Obadiah to push the claim of PTSD foward to keep Tony Stark in check. This did not last as Obadiah and Kearson's illegal activites would be discovered by SHIELD and Stark. While Obadiah engaged Tony Stark in battle, Kearson faked his own death to avoid the SHIELD agents sent to capture him.

Kearson then went on to enlist the aid of Aldrich Killian who was a rival of Stark's. Kearson offered a copy of the blueprints of the Iron Monger armor in exchange for a high-ranking position at AIM. Kearson would then be outfitted with a Nano-Mask which allowed him to alter his facial appearance to avoid detection. After Killian's death Kearson then went on to serve AIM under Andrew Forson the public figurehead of AIM.

Abilities Edit


  • War suit: DeWitt utilized an armored battlesuit that was able to fly by means of boot jets, boosted his strength to superhuman levels, and was outfitted with weaponry including lasers and electrical energy blasts.