Killer shrike

Simon Maddicks began his career in the United States military. After his term of service he was gainfully employed by SHIELD as a mercenary. He was shipped over to a facility where he underwent extensive physical training and genetic conditioning. He also underwent a procedure that implanted a tiny anti-gravity generator at the base of his spine which enables his flight. Upon his return to SHIELD it was discovered that the organization was shattered and all that was left at the time was HYDRA, after being convinced into joining the organization he was given his costume and the code name "Killer Shrike".

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced agility
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Enhanced resistance
  • Flight: He can fly by means of a surgically-implanted anti-gravity generator located at the base of his spine. This generator, activated by neural link, emits a steady stream of anti-gravitons (theoretical particles that are of the opposite charge to gravitons), and enables him to fly. Killer Shrike can attain speeds up to about 120 miles per hour and can support up to 550 pounds (including his own weight) while in flight, although this diminishes his speed and endurance.

Equipment: Edit

  • Killer Shrike wears a head-to-toe body suit made of insulated steel alloy mesh capable of protecting him from flight turbulence and small caliber firearms. 

Weapons: Edit

  • His major weapons system is the twin power-blasters worn on each wrist. Each bracelet has two curved titanium talons, capable of slashing flesh, wood, cinder block, and light metals. The bracelets can discharge a high-frequency lightning-like bolt of electricity with a maximum charge of 50,000 volts individually, or 120,000 volts combined. His maximum range of normal bolts is about 35 feet, or about 50 feet for double-handed bolts.

Gallery Edit

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