Kraglin Obfonteri of the A-Chiltarians

Kraglin Obfonteri is one of the Ravagers and is one of Yondu's most trusted men. Kraglin survives the battle of Xandar, and is last seen flying off with Yondu.

He was once sent by Yondu to Earth to see if the Avengers were truly the planet's mightiest heroes as advertised, and if they could help the Guardians of the Galaxy in eventually taking down Thanos to save the universe. Kraglin soon entered combat with Scott Lang the Ant-Man and Hope van Dyne the Wasp, but was defeated by their combined efforts, much to Yondu's satisfaction.

Powers and Abilities Edit

A member of the A-Chiltarian race, Kraglin can coat his eyes in a multi-faceted eyelid to see in various directions simultaneously.

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