Kree Supreme Intelligence
Kree Int
Kree Supreme Intelligence - By: Ivan Khotenov
Vital statistics
Position Political and Spiritual Leader of the Kree Empire
Age Thousands of Years
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Variable
Weight Variable
The Kree Supreme Intelligence also known as the Kree Emperor and the Supremor, was created a long time ago by the the extraterrestrial race known as the Kree to aid in their efforts of insuring the utter supremacy of the Kree Empire against any and all rival political governments. It is the culmination of some of the greatest Kree minds from all corners of the Kree Empire over untold millennia, ranging from philosophers, generals, scientists, thinkers, and so on. Once one of the selected Kree would die, their brains would be removed and their minds would become part of the super-computer. Not only does it store information it also deduces and compiles information, analyzing and evaluating the enemies secrets, strategies and weaknesses. The purpose of the Supreme Intelligence is to improve the Kree as a species.

To accomplish the goal of genetic supremacy, the Kree Supreme Intelligence initiated research to find a way of improving upon the Kree genetic code, and their scientists began work on successfully achieving that goal. During the long conflict against the Skrull Empire, the research from the genetic experiments was tested on hundreds of planets in order to create a race of powerful slave warriors. Though on most planets their research was wasted, on the planet Earth, the genetic alterations made to the Human race gave rise to the new species called the Inhumans, successfully instilling Kree DNA and enhancing them. But as the Intelligence prophesied that the rise of one of these species could lead to the destruction of himself and the Empire. He then ordered the destruction of all races experimented on and the findings downloaded into himself.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Superhuman Intelligence: The Kree Supreme Intelligence is a vast organic and cybernetic based computer system composed of thousands of cubic meters of computer circuitry incorporating the disembodied brains of some of the greatest statesmen and philosophers in Kree history, preserved cryogenically. This aggregation of brains creates a single collective intelligence able to use the vast information storage and processing capabilities of the computer system in a creative way.

It is the current ruler of the Kree Empire and is in an armistice for the moment with the Xandarian Empire in order to deal with the bigger threat of the Skrull, Chitauri, and Sakaaran Empires commanded by Thanos.

Gallery Edit

Alternate alien-like design of Supreme Intelligence
Kree Supreme Intelligence

The Kree Supreme Intelligence

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