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Kristoff Vernard is the adopted son of Doctor Doom and had him raised in the royal palace, where he was made him his heir. 

In the future Kristoff will follow his adoptive fathers footsteps and become a super villain. He takes on the name Doctor Doom and becomes the new Lateverian head of HYDRA

Abilities Edit

Kristoff possesses the advanced scientific knowledge and mystical knowledge of the original Doctor Doom. However, as far as is known, Kristoff does not possess the original Doctor Dooms scientific genius. Hence, Kristoff presumably cannot make new advances based on his existing scientific knowledge.

Equipment Edit

Kristoff's most important weapon is his nuclear-powered, micro-computer enhanced suit of iron armor, modeled after the original Doctor Dooms. The armor is an exoskeleton which enables Kristoff, though he is a child, to appear to be the size of an adult. By moving his legs within the armor, he can move the armored suits longer legs. He can also manipulate controls within the armor that enable him to move the suit's arms, hands and fingers as if they were his own.

For a time Kristoff wore a child-sized version of the original Doctor Doom's armor, but he has since abandoned this armored suit. Besides his portable armor and its armaments, Kristoff had access to the vast arsenal of technological weaponry designed and constructed by the original Doctor Doom, far too large and varied to be described here, as well as a number of advanced means of vehicular conveyance, including vessels capable of interplanetary travel through hyperspace.

Kristoff employed a small army of semi-humanoid robots which guard his castles and Latveria itself. He also commanded a large number of androids that were constructed by the original Doctor Doom in his own image, and were programmed to think and behave for the most part as he does. Each of these robot simulacrums believes itself to be the actual Doctor Doom except when it is in the presence of the being it believes to be the original Doom or of other robotic Doom simulacrums.

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