Algrim Kursed

Algrim was born into the race of dark elves more than five-thousand years before the present day. He served Malekith faithfully when Malekith led their people in a war against the Asgardians at a time when the Nine Realms were due to converge. Malekith's plans were dashed when the Aether was ripped from the dark elves' grasp, depriving them of their greatest weapon. Malekith sacrificed their ships, and most of their race, in a bid to hide their escape. This shocked Algrim, but he trusted his lord and followed him into a five-thousand year sleep, until the time of the next convergence of realms.

As the next convergence arrived Algrim was chosen to be the last of the Kursed where he became a Dark Elf super soldier. He then broke Asgard's defenses and murdered Frigga Thor's mother. Algrim later accompanied Malekith back to their realm where Thor brought them the Aether. After a battle Loki killed Algrim.

Years later, Algrim was revived alongside his master by Thanos the Mad Titan using the powers of the Soul Stone. This was to have them be placed as commanders of the various alien forces making up the Dark Lord's ever-growing legion sent forth to find the Infinity Stones to make up the Infinity Gauntlet.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Durability: After becoming one of the Kursed, Algrim became practically impervious to physical harm.
  • Strength: After becoming one of the Kursed, Algrim attained a strength surpassing even the strongest of Asgardians.

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