Legion (David Haller) by Dave Wilkins
Vital statistics
Position -Member of Max's Brotherhood
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5' 9"
Weight 130 Ibs
David Charles Haller is the son of Charles Xavier who once served as the trainer of the High Evolutionary's test subjects who later would be imprisoned for attempting to halt the High Evolutionary altering the destiny of innocent children, and Gabrielle Haller who was a war prisoner left for dead. Gabrielle would be saved for the High Evolutionary and cared for at Wundagore. After searching the base, Gabrielle encountered the prisoner Charles Xavier and began to grow close to him. The two then conceived their son, while the High Evolutionary was focused on creating his daughter Luminous.

After Gabrielle discovered she was pregnant the High Evolutionary offered to help her through the process, and soon discovered his formula in the fetus. He soon discovered that Charles was the father and took great care to ensure Charles had no knowledge of having a son, and studying this new being for the purpose of finding other children of his test subjects. After Gabrielle gave birth to David, her memories of him, Charles and Wundagore were wiped by the High Evolutionary. He would then place Gabrielle back with her family where she would resume her political career before she was a prisoner.

David would be raised and trained by the High Evolutionary for the day where he would achieve his potential. In 2015 the High Evolutionary tested his new found breakthroughs on his daughter as well as fellow test subjects Magneto, Polaris and hundreds more. David was one of this new activated beings, and upon transforming David began to display above average powers which over time became worst as David began to develop mental insanity and was placed in a containment cell until the High Evolutionary could solve this problem. While David was in the cell he began to absorb the personalities of those recently transformed around him, giving him a multitude of powers which he used to escape Wundagore and go AWOL.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Legion is an Artificial Inhuman with the ability to create spontaneous mutations with varying attributes. Due to either his immense powers, mental instability or combination of the two, David creates a new persona (or sub-personality) to govern each one of these new mutations.

He stated that he had in his mind 200 split personalities.

Rogue stated that while she was inside Legion, she was connected to thousands types of powers and there are more "being born" all the time.

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