Jack Winters or the Living Diamond, was a villain whose hands were turned into a flexible, diamond-like substance after he was exposed to atomic radiation during an accident at the lab where he worked. He later managed to transform his entire body into "living diamond" through further exposure to radioactive material. Jack also possessed telepathic abilities that allowed him to bend people to his will.

He was among the enhanced individuals chosen by Magneto to be a part of his brotherhood.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Radiation Resistance: This seems to be his true mutant power, since his other abilities came from exposure to radiation. Since he was able to survive the radiation, he was mutated to gain his other powers.
  • Diamond body: his entire body into a diamond-like form, much like Emma Frost
  • Telepathy: he had a mild form of telepathy in which he was able to sense people's presences, as well as send out mental suggestions to others to bend their will. He could also use this ability to block other telepathic assaults against him.
  • Teleportation: In his first appearance, he had the ability to teleport himself and others short distances through means of separating someone's atoms and then recombining them at their destination.

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