L'luc-I'ferra, otherwise known by his nickname of Lucifer, is a Quist super-soldier hired by Thanos to head down to Earth to challenge the might of the Inhumans and their Gifted counterparts.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Lucifer has the ability to manipulate ionic energy for various effects, including enhancing his physical strength and leaping ability to superhuman levels, creating protective force fields, and projecting powerful concussive bolts.

Lucifer could also "fuse" his physical and mental "essence" with another sentient being. In doing so, Lucifer created a psychic link between himself and his "host." The "host" retained his own will but was in constant psychic contact with Lucifer. The "fusion" endowed the host with some of Lucifer's superhuman powers for as long as the merger lasted. Lucifer could fuse with at least two hosts simultaneously. Lucifer also had limited telepathic abilities, and had the ability to created and maintain a psychic link with his host or hosts while fused with them.

Equipment Edit

He used Dominus, a highly advanced computer complex created by the Arcane that could blanket a world with mind-deadening rays, enabling the Arcane to enslave its populace. Dominus was operated by "Ultra-robots," which could fly and project destructive energy beams. All his equipment was designed by Lucifer himself and Quistalian scientists.

Gallery Edit

Alternate design for Lucifer
Lucifer (MCU)


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