Lyle Dekker was a HYDRA scientist who was acting undercover for SHIELD. When Captain America was revealed to be alive, Lyle thought that he should be immediately eliminated, unfortunately his superiors chose to let him live for the time being. Frustrated, Lyle used his SHIELD connections to research Captain America's skeletal structure and uniform to create a artificial body in the form of Captain America. This body was theorized to be Captan America's equal and perhaps even his superior, that could be used to kill him. Lyle then used technology similar to that of the Machinesmith, to implant his mind into the body now designated Ameridroid. He then fought Captain America but with the assistance from his new STRIKE team which included Black Widow, and Crossbones to take Lyle down. When Lyle was finally was defeated Crossbones arranged for Lyle to be killed so that he couldn't jeopardize HYDRA's advancement's any further.

Abilities Edit

Lyle Dekker’s original body had no special powers. 

  • Ameridroid Body: As a result of a machine created by Dekker for the specific purpose of killing Captain America, and the subsequent mind transferal of Dekker into Ameridroid, Dekker/Ameridroid possessed all of Captain America’s abilities granted to him by the Super-Soldier Serum, proportional into that of a 8’ android body.