Abe Jenkins was a mechanic growing tired of his job, Jenkins created a suit of armor and became the original Beetle. Originally a criminal, he changed his ways as a member of the Thunderbolts under the alias Mach IV, becoming a mainstay of the group and achieving legitimacy as a superhero. After the Thunderbolts were disbanded he was offered to join SHIELD.

Abilities Edit

Abe is a highly skilled aircraft mechanic. He is excellent at operating and working on powered armor. Although Abe lacks a formal university background, he has advanced enough knowledge of mechanical engineering, and advanced propulsion systems to have developed many of the original technologies that comprise his armor. Due to his association with the Fixer, he is also familiar with technologies that exceed the capabilities of conventional modern science. Abe's intellect is what would be considered unevenly gifted.

Equipment Edit

Mobile Armored Cyber-Harness, later referred to as the Mechanized Aerial Combat Harness

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