Machinesmith 4


Sam Saxton was a high expert on cybernetic technology making a good living until he accidentally fell from the top of a roof leaving him in a catatonic state. Doctors were unable to treat his injuries, and so HYDRA labeled Saxton off as died in his sleep and moved the body to AIM facility. There his consciousness is downloaded into a robot body. Saxon, now called the Machinesmith, soon transferred his consciousness into a more human like body, Once seeing what he had become Saxton gratefully joined the Masters of Evil as return for giving Saxton new life.

saxton was soon sent to convince the robotic dragon man to serve hydra which he easily accomplished but before they could leave machine smith was found by the inhuman known only as the ghost he asked what he wanted ghost simply replied the same thing he did and in seconds held saxton to a tree yet he mocked him saying he couldn't be killed ghost than used a device devolved by aim that blocked his mind from being transfered again before stabbing his robotic duplicate threw the head killing machine smith for the second and last time dragon man than left with the ghost to be spared Saxton fate his body was soon found and taken to a sheild morgue with coulson hoping machine smith would find peace

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Consciousness Transfer: After breaking his neck, Starr Saxon used a robot duplicate of himself that housed his consciousness to act in his stead. This robot possessed superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes. Upon his death, Starr Saxon became a living cybernetic-system program and took the name Machinesmith.

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