T is for thinker by matthewroyale

The Mad Thinker by MatthewRoyale

Mad Thinker has spent his life discerning the future by calculating all of the known variables he can possibly think of. Using these calculations, he can predict where lightning will strike, where a person will step, or where a bullet will hit. Not wanting to battle superpowered foes personally, he employs robots and traps to deal with those he has calculated would interfere with his plans.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Computer Link: At present, the Thinker has a surgically implanted, biochemically powered, high-frequency, pulse-code modulated radio link to his laboratories, permitting him to be in mental contact with the full range of his private facilities while serving his sentence in prison. This link also enables him to project his consciousness from his body into an android simulacrum of himself.

Abilities Edit

  • Computer Mind: The Mad Thinker has great intellectual and cognitive abilities, as well as vast mechanical genius. His brain is so naturally adept at higher mathematics that he can perform unaided mental calculations such as finding large, complex, and imaginary square roots, solving equations including vectors, Boolean logic, probability and statistics, differential and integral calculus, and computing analytic functions. He has an eidetic memory, and is able to recall 99.99% of everything he sees, hears, or reads. The Mad Thinker's brain is like an organic computer. By "programming" it with all the relevant data possible, he is able to mentally calculate event probabilities to two decimal places. The only thing that ever works against his probability forecasts is what he calls the x-factor, certain variables of which he is unaware and thus is unable to use in his computations. The Mad Thinker is not an intuitive genius like Reed Richards, capable of creating and inventing: he can only synthesize for his own use what has already been created or invented by others. Although the Thinker has mastered many areas of science, his specialties are computer design, in which he has no known equals, and robotics. However, he has apparently contributed no original discoveries to any of these areas.

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