Madcap 2
The man who would become Madcap was the victim of scientists from AIM who were trying to destroy a chemical developed by themselves, Chemical X07, which apparently included enzymes to incite a rapid healing in human bodies. The accident killed all of the people in the bus, except for the man who would become Madcap. Coincidentally, this man laid unconscious for hours on a pool of X07, which would eventually evaporate. He would recover consciousness in a hospital, but then discovered that he was the sole survivor. Feeling guilty he ran away from the hospital and threw himself to a car trying to commit suicide. To his surprise, he was unharmed and felt no pain at all. This drove him completely mad. He correctly suspected that the accident had given him this immunity to damage, and later went on to become a super villain.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Emotional Control: Madcap has a specialized form of mind control that makes targets behave as if they were happily crazy for a few minutes - which can lead them to dangerous situations. Even if the target resists, he is still affected and cannot perform at his usual level. To use this power, Madcap must have visual contact with his target (Notice that he uses flashy clothes and a bubble gun as a weapon, all of which attracts attention).
  • Enhanced Human Regeneration: Madcap heals at top speed and recovers his vitality and stamina quickly. He cannot be killed or even stunned. He tried many suicide attempts, but failed, as he was able to survive each and every injury.
  • Virtually Indestrucible: Madcap is virtually invulnerable to all forms of attack, no matter how painful it may have become.

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