Demon warlock by maclq-d4u7a5v

Maha Yogi/Merlin Demonspawn by maclq

Maha Yogi also known as Merlin was a very old and powerful Inhuman Sorcerer, and is one of the beings that inspired the rise of HYDRA. Who was placed in suspended animation by the ancient one for thousands of years until freed by hydra but was shortly after scorched to ashes by ghost rider

Biography Edit

Thousands of years ago extraterrestrials known as the Kree came to Earth. The Kree came to experiment on primitive humans to create soldiers to fight their wars for them. One human subject that they mutated escaped containment and came across a Terrigen Crystal storage vault. When this subject broke multiple crystals and engulfed all the mist he experienced terrigenesis. By the time the Kree guards managed to access the vault the being already transformed and used his powers to kill the Kree. This being would then escape the Kree ship and live on for thousands of years due to his immortality.

This being then took on the name Maha Yogi and during his travels came across Egypt during the time of Julius Caesar's rule. Maha was present when Caesar was stabbed to death and afterwards decided to use his skills of magic to portray himself as a powerful sorcerer named Merlin. It did not take long for the Ancient One to discover Maha's mischievous deeds. So she along with the Eternal Sersi defeated Maha Yogi, placing him in suspended animation. Those who worshiped Maha would join with a growing cult of people who believed in gods rule through chaos and helped form what would be HYDRA.

After the Infinity War, Maha Yogi's crypt was discovered in England by HYDRA, whom were searching for one of the "gods" who had inspired their organization. Maha Yogi was brought out of suspended animation and with the assistance of HYDRA tried to take over the world. But was confronted by the present ghost rider robbie Reyes and despite his incredible mystical powers merlin could not match his strength and ghost rider began incinerating maha yogi until he was ultimately reduced to ashes thus ending the sorcerer life

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Superhuman Mental Powers:
    • Force Field Generation
    • Hypnosis
    • Illusion Casting
    • Levitation
    • Longevity
    • Telekinesis
    • Telepathy
    • Teleportation
  • Immortality

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