Masano grew up on the streets with his friends Kaidan and Raina. The trio grew up calling themselves "freaks" and began scheming to steal in order to provide for themselves. Later, Calvin Zabo found the trio and took them in. He told them the truth of Raina's grandmother's stories: that they were Inhumans and that the only way to achieve evolution was through terrigenesis which would unlock their genetic potential. When they reached adulthood the trio broke up on their paths to find terrigen crystals. While Raina went out on her own, Masano and Kaidan stayed together. Together the duo found an ancient island where they could perhaps find the keys to evolution. While they investigated the island, they were attacked by reptilian creatures and would have been killed if it weren't for the High Evolutionary who saved them. He then took them to his fortress where he did a DNA scan on the two, it was later revealed that they were indeed Inhumans. Masano and Kaidan later agreed to undergo a experiment that could access terrigenesis, with the knowledge the High Evolutionary got from the success of the twins experiments, as well as the reptilian venom in their blood streams, the duo were later transformed into reptilian Inhumans. While Kaidan recieved many of the same attributes as Masano, Masano was given a set of wings.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Flight: possesses the ability to fly at a natural winged flight limit.
  • Pterodactyl Natural Weapons: a lethal beak and sharp talons on his hands and feet.