Master pand

Master Pandimonium

Martin Preston was a former stuntman and weapons-expert who one day found himself in a car accident that severed his arms. He was later approached in his hospital room by several business agents of the terrorist-paramilitary organization HYDRA, who answered his call for help by surgically applying on him cybernetic limbs equipped with holographic projectors, and gave him the task of duplicating the earlier success made with Trevor Slattery's Mandarin portrayal by pretending to be an ethereal sorcerer from another dimension able to summon demons from his limbs and out to liberate human society from its over-reliance on technology, though in reality it was to steal various technological devices needed for Grant Ward's secret plans for revenge against S.H.I.E.L.D. before Malick steered him instead on the path of freeing the Dark Inhuman Hive from Maveth. Preston thus took the name of Master Pandemonium and quickly became one of the New Avengers' most persistent enemies on their quest to defeat the surviving terrorist cells not covered with Baron Strucker's demise.

Later on, Preston would be exposed as a fake by the Scarlet Witch, who used her psionic-mental abilities to quickly unravel the means behind his "demonic" abilities, and he was quickly thrown into prison after a short battle. While in prison, Martin was approached by a strange, black-robed elderly gentleman, who told the disgraced actor-turned-super-criminal that he could get his chance for revenge and receive greater power than he had before if he only sign a contract with him, guaranteeing his release from prison in exchange for answering the call for one favor needed from the gentleman in a future date. Not realizing the consequences made from making this deal, Martin agreed to the old man's terms and had his cybernetic gauntlets returned to him now fully powered by hellish energies from Tartarus and actually able to summon demons at his beck and call, using his abilities to escape from prison and try to seek his revenge on the Scarlet Witch for humiliating him before.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Master Pandemonium's four limbs are missing, having been replaced by demons. Upon command, he can separate any or all limbs into their demonic beings. He can also call forth hordes of other demons, all following his commands. (These minor demons are usually short and spiry in nature, much like goblins and their ilk. They do not seem to possess any special powers or abilities beyond their claws and fangs, and in some cases, wings.)

Pandemonium also commands (or perhaps is overseen by) Azmodeus, a demon in the shape of a human-sized red eagle. Azmodeus can be called forth from Pandemonium's pendant around his neck, and acts as reconnaissance and support (literally, in the case of separating all his limbs.)

Gallery Edit

Alternate Master Pandemonium design
Master Pandemonium

Master Pandemonium

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