Master of the World - by TheSilentDane

Eshu more commonly known as the Master of the World is over four thousand years old, preserved aboard the alien Plodex ship. Before that he was a great hunter, but incredibly anti-social. After he was rejected by his tribe, he was lured northward where he was captured by the Plodex ship.

He was to be experimented, but somehow he was able to implant his mind into the computers. He eventually took control of the ship, but was unable to leave the planet. He sent out a signal which wouldn't be received for thousands of years. In which time his body died, but his mind was still apart of the ship's mainframe. The signal was received after a geological finding, and the Alpha Flight being the closest super hero team investigated. With the ship's systems fully activated Eshu then began to construct a new body and studied the world that had changed over four thousand years.

After what he had learned, it became the Master's intention to one day rule the world and he will through any means possible.

he was soon contacted by mr sinister who sought to recruit him to serve apocalypse but the master of the world only wished to rule the world his way so he was deemed a danger and had the other horsemen attack they would have killed eshu if not for the unexpected arrival of arsenal who had picked up the signal and came to investigate he offered his services and they soon drove them from his ship the master thanked arsenal and asked why he helped him his replay was its his programming eshu than offered him a place on his side which the android accepted if he argreyed no one would be hurt the master couldn't guarantee that which he accepted and arsenal became the masters new second in command

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Master can mentally control the living ship which is his base. Its advanced technology has protected his mind from the ravages of time but not his body.

Equipment Edit

The Master of The World has a synthetic body of armor that he designed. It grants him superhuman strength and resistance to injury and the elements. Its gauntlets can absorb, store and channel energy.

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