Maximus the "Revolutionary"
Vital statistics
Position Member of the Royal Family (Kingdom of the Inhumans)
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.70 Meters
Weight 65 Kilograms

Maximus Boltagon was born to Agon and Rynda of the Royal Family of Attilan, making him a member of the ruling class of the Kingdom of the Inhumans. When Maximus was exposed to the sacred Terrigen Mist he did not display any signs of developing Inhuman abilities, and in fact his transformation rendered him completely Human. Nevertheless, Maximus would grow to be a genius and master tactician among the Inhumans of Attilan, he was fiercely devoted to the future of the Inhuman species. Yet his brother, King Black Bolt's unwillingness to take risks in order to change things for the better left Maximus with a desire to wear the crown himself, often making plots to overthrow Black Bolt and the Inhuman Royal Family who would oppose Maximus's rule.

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Early Life Edit

Maximus Boltagon, born with the potential to be Inhuman, was the second son of the two former ruling members of the Inhuman Royal Family and the monarchs of the Kingdom of the Inhumans, King Agon and Queen Rynda. Subjected to the sacred Terrigen Mist when he was of age, Maximus peculiarly showed no sign of any change, and soon it was learned that his Terrigenesis made him a normal Human. This new status opened the Prince up to prejudice, specifically his parents, as well as his future subjects. After his older brother Black Bolt assumed the mantle of Inhuman King after he accidentally killed their parents, Maximus vowed to oppose the rule of Black Bolt and take the throne for himself.

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