Vital statistics
Position -Member of Max's Brotherhood
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6' 0"
Weight 191 lbs
Seamus Mellencamp was experimented on shortly after he was born by the High Evolutionary. However in addition to his Artificial Inhuman formula, he added a Cross-Species serum comprised of reptilian DNA. The results did not give Seamus superpowers but it did however alter his appearance so that from that day forth he would resemble a reptilian humanoid. The High Evolutionary chose to raise Seamus, knowing that he would be most likely dissected for study if he were to be returned to his family.

Mellencamp was then raised to serve the High Evolutionary as one of his Ani-Men, under the command of the Jackal. As of 2015, Mellencamp was exposed to Terrigen and has since gained the power to be immune to any form of life force draining abilities.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Super-dense, bullet-resistant, reptilian skin. Heightened strength, agility and endurance. Enhanced senses. Life force draining immunity.

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