Mentallo 3


Marvin Flumm was a SHIELD agent who went bad. He used SHIELD experimental mental enhancement to give himself mental abilities. Using his mental powers under the alias of Mentallo, he turned on S.H.I.E.L.D. and went on to work for AIM, along with his partner the Fixer who worked for HYDRA.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Mentallo is a mutated human with limited telepathic abilities, allowing him to read minds, control the bodies and minds of other humans, communicate telepathically and create illusions. He often uses scientific means (often provided by the Fixer) to enhance his telepathic abilities. He usually wears a special helmet to protect him against telepathic feedback, background noise and other telepaths. Mentallo also has the ability to send out mental probes to identify the shape and size of objects in his near vicinity, effectively creating some type of radar-sense. He can even locate invisible and intangible objects this way.

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