Mesmero suit

Vincent was a small crook who manipulated people to get what he wanted. After the Terrigen was released throughout the planet, Vincent was transformed into a green skinned Inhuman and given the alias Mesmero. Magneto later found Mesmero and wanted him to help him in his cause to bring forth a new age of Inhumanity.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Hyper-Hypnosis: Mesmero was the most powerful hypnotists on the planet. His powers allowed him to manipulate even the most powerful of telepaths with nothing but eye contact. Once within his control, the effect would only either fade away or Mesmero would reassert it. The exact time that he was able to keep a person hypnotized was known to vary from person to person.
  • Memory Tampering: He would usually use his abilities in such a way that the person regained consciousness with little or no memory of their previous activities. Mesmero could implant false memories or erase existing ones and shape a completely new personality.
  • Illusions: He could use his abilities to create illusions, making the victim see things Vincent wanted them to see. He was able to convince Marrow he was another person to sleep with her. She eventually figured out that it was him afterward, and the trick never worked on her again.
  • Group Control: Mesmero’s powers were augmented by HYDRA, and afterward, if he looked at a group of people, he was able to control the entire group.



Mesmero in a specialized armor built for him by Max Eisenhardt's scientists

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