A possible design for Miek without the Sakaaran armor on

Miek was a Sakaaran Native forcibly recruited into the Sakaaran army to fight for Ronan the Accuser during the War for the Orb. He was a meek and weak-willed individual who didn't want to fight or even get involved with any sort of danger, but was always getting bullied into following orders by individuals bigger and stronger than him. To avoid getting killed whenever a Sakaaran Native squad was sent out to accompany Korath or Nebula in looking for the Orb or trying to kill the Guardians of the Galaxy, Miek would cowardly hide in the sidelines and try to avoid getting seen by anyone else until the danger had passed. This cowardice managed to save him from getting slaughtered during the Battle of Xandar and the subsequent massacre of his fellow soldiers by Yondu Udonta's Arrow. He would later volunteer to work for the Guardians to try and make a new destiny for himself away from Thanos' grasp.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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