Mimic copying Angel's powers
Vital statistics
Position -Member of Max's Brotherhood
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6' 2"
Weight 225 lbs
Calvin Rankin was one of the children that were experimented in the same program the Kevin Thompson was apart of. Calvin was outfitted with a device that would allow his body to accept all the previous medical breakthroughs to come into his body all out once without any negative effects. The results gave him the ability to copy the other subjects powers and after absorbing Kevin's temporarily, he used it to go on the run. He made his way to a cave where he hid out for a few days. When his parents found him, a squad of unknown troops followed with orders to kill Calvin. Calvin's parents died defending him while the troops were afterwards killed by the High Evolutionary. The High Evolutionary then offered to take Calvin in, an offer to which he accepted.

After Calvin was taken to Wundagore, the High Evolutionary made note of his abilities and questioned him about where they came from. Once discovering the existence of a series of mutated children, the High Evolutionary sent sent his hunters to find them, but by that time the trail was cold. As for Calvin, he was taught how to selectively control his powers, and became one of the Brotherhood's first members, under the alias Mimic.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Calvin admitted to believing he had some latent powers since birth, due to his father experimenting on himself before Cal's birth.

  • Power Mimicry: Mimic is able to copy the knowledge, skills, and powers (if any) of every individual within a certain range of him; different sources list this as anywhere from several feet to a mile radius. This applies to both superpowered and "normal" abilities, as shown when he duplicated athletic skill on the football field in high school. He has shown the capacity to manifest numerous powers at the same time, and since he also absorbs knowledge, he can immediately use copied powers with the same skill level as the original owner. However, he occasionally shows difficulty in juggling multiple powers, and his body can be overloaded by absorbing too many at once. Usually the Mimic loses his duplicated abilities once out of range of the owner, but theoretically due to the length of time spent with them, his body permanently retains the powers he mimics.

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