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Erik Gelden was a low level criminal who possessed powerful mental powers, apparently granted by a high-tech helmet he possessed, and with these abilities was given the alias Mind-Wave. He was defeated by Daredevil and was then imprisoned.

As a end result of the battle Mind-Wave's helmet overloaded and projected certain shocks to his brain which granted him the ability develop Psionic abilites without the use of his helmet. Mind-Wave then used these powers to escape jail, and was soon after discovered by HYDRA and recruited.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Mind-Wave possesses psionic powers that are the result of the use of his helmet (Alternatively, he might need the helmet to use the powers, or the powers could have been in the helmet). Powers include:

  • Telekinesis: With this ability Erik can destroy structures and halt and redirect hails of bullets in mid-flight.
  • Telepathy: With this ability Erik can converse read minds or control them.