Mister negative

Mister Negative-Modern Design - if he were to be played by a White-Caucasian instead of an Asian-American actor

Mister Negative was a member of the Ten Rings, who smuggled a number of immigrants into the United States, in a ship named the Golden Mountain. When the ship nearly crashed onto the New York shores, he stole the suitcase of one of the dieing Fujian slaves, Martin Li, who was developing a new form of enhancement drugs which carried small ammounts of Darkforce energy. The man who would become Mister Negative took one of his experimental drugs as the Martin was dieing, The man then developed super-powers related to Darkforce and the Darkforce Dimension. Other's named Tyrone and Tandy were turned into Cloak and Dagger while he turned into Mister Negative.

Powers and Abilites Edit

Mister Negative can generate and control the Darkforce, manifesting it as the photographic negative of black electrical energy. But as a side effect his skin has been darkened. He uses this unique form of Darkforce for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Limited Shapeshifting: He also has a limited form of shapeshifting.
  • Super Characteristics: His Mr. Negative persona possesses an undefined level of superhuman physical characteristics, likely due to the Darkforce energy. Mr. Negative displayed superhuman strength, sending Spider-Man flying through two buildings with a single blow.
  • Object Empowerment: Mr. Negative's touch can imbue objects.
  • Person Empowerment/Healing Touch: Mr. Negative's touch can imbue people with energy for various effects. Martin Li's touch has healing properties.
  • Person Empowerment/Corrupting Touch: Mr. Negative's touch has brainwashing and corrupting properties: his touch can change people's personalities and temperaments and make them serve his interests.

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