Vital statistics
Position -Ally of Thanos
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'2"
Weight 112 lbs
Nebulon was a member of an extraterrestrial race known as the Ul'lula'ns. The Ul’lula’ns appeared as six-tentacled, finned, water-breathing non-humanoids, which had abused the mineral resources of their home world. The Ul'lula'n high officials sent explorers out into the universe in search of a new home world, which had the resources, to sustain their race. These explorers were known as prospectors, most of who were never identified, however, one of the prospectors was known as Nebulon.

He later met up with the Rogue Eternal of Titan, Thanos, who sought to manipulate the greedy Ul'lula'ns and their mineral abusing ways as a means of tricking them into searching for the Infinity Stones for him in exchange for supposdely giving them a new world to live on under his rule. Nebulon was thus exposed to the Infinity Gauntlet's powers and reformatted into a powerful humanoid form embued with much of the Gauntlet's already phenomenal cosmic abilities even without the Gems in tow. Grateful to Thanos for giving him such a magnificent form to better gain mineral resources for his people, Nebulon became a powerful warlord to the Mad Titan's starfleet, coming into conflict with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Nebulon possessed a number of super human powers which drew upon a planetary bioshpere's energy. Nebulon could manipulate energy for a variety of effects, including the creation of spheres, shields, or energy blasts. Nebulon could also teleport across the surface of a planet and between dimensions. Since his powers derived from the life-energy of a world, they waned whenever he was no longer in proximity to a planet. He could shrink objects to tiny size.

Nebulon also possess the ability to shape-change into virtually any form. Because the transformation process was so strenuous, Nebulon did not undertake it often. In his golden humanoid form, Nebulon possessed incredible superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes.

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