Nighthawk - By DannyYaply
Vital statistics
Position Member of the Defenders
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5' 11"
Weight 82 Kilograms
Kyle Richmond is a a wealthy young man who is driven to fight crime in New York after his parents, Arthur Richmond and his wife, Rosalie Richmond are viciously gunned down as a child before his eyes. He turned his father's investments into a thriving corporation. He then uses his wealth to create a bulletproof costume and an arsenal of weapons that he would use to fight those who preyed on the Innocent. Richmond named his costumed identity Nighthawk, as a nod to the bird that flew overhead the night of his parents' murder.

One night Nighthawk uncovered an illegal Oscorp operation to move prototype revivisons of the Exo-7 Falcon suit to a AIM manufacturing plant. With the assistance of Spiderman, Nighthawk was able to stop the shipment. In order to make sure the suit wouldn't fall into the wrong hands he commandeered it and made upgrades to it in his headquarters, using the wings in his fight against crime.

He later became a member of the Defenders, and has also acted alongside the Thunderbolts but is secretly a spy working for the Squadron Supreme

Abilities Edit

Nighthawk possesses the normal strength of a man his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.

Equipment Edit

Nighthawk later used jet-powered, artificial wings enabling him to fly through the air. Nighthawk can fly up to 120 miles per hour and still be able to breathe, although the jet-pack is capable of propelling him at even greater speeds. He is also capable of climbing to altitudes of 30,000 feet with extreme effort since it becomes very difficult for him to breathe at 24,000 feet. The pack itself has enough fuel to allow him to fly continually for up to 16 hours. The wings themselves are composed of a flexible, yet highly durable plastic/steel polymer that he can use to shield himself from bullets and even explosive grenades. Nighthawks cowl contains a number of instruments built into it including digital instrument displays, a radio transmitter, and special lenses in the eyes which further serve to enhance his already great eyesight.

Trivia Edit

The Design of Nighthawk resembles Kyle Richmond (Earth-31916)