(To be re-edited with information from the Sentinel Project and Master Mold)

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Nimrod is a highly advanced robot, and as such all his powers are functions of his inbuilt systems. The full range of his powers are unknown, as he is able to reconfigure systems to defeat known opponents. The materials Nimrod is constructed of are highly resistant to damage even by superhuman beings.
    • Damage to Nimrod's armor and systems can be automatically repaired to an unknown extent. He has direct control over all parts of his structure, perhaps to the molecular level. An extension of this power is the rearrangement of internal parts to better use his functions and weapons.
    • Superhuman sensors and detectors contained within Nimrod's arms and head allow him to locate and analyze beings' extraordinary powers, and determine modifications that need to be made to his own abilities. He is capable of countering most powers that are used against him on separate occasions, continually learning how to defeat opponents that escape him. 
    • The weapons and defenses Nimrod contains have a wide range of applications. He can project concussive, plasma and disintegrating blasts, manipulate magnetic energy to levitate iron and steel, and generate force-fields about himself. 

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