Plantman - by Victor Hugo Sousa

Samuel Smithers was an assistant to a botanist who wanted to uncover the mental activity of plantlife. After a decade of research, the botanist died and Smithers took over his work. He wanted to try to find a way for humans to communicate with plantlife. With his work not taken seriously, Smithers was reduced to taking a job as a gardener. When a bolt of lightning struck Smithers' experimental device, he developed the ability to control and animate plant life, and gained the appearance of a living tree. Seeking revenge against those who laughed at him and took his job away, Smithers became Plantman. He was later recruited into HYDRA's Masters of Evil program.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Plant Manipulation:Samuel Smithers' body seems completely composed of vegetable matter, allowing him superhuman strength and resistance to injury. He can also alter his shape and elongate his body. He is capable of mentally communicating with the Verdant Green, the psychic embodiment of Earth's biosphere, and he can mentally command plant and vegetable matter.

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