Predator I was created by the scientists of HYDRA, made from the DNA of the Inhuman Lincoln Campbell, the Frost Beast captured by SHIELD in 2013, as well as cybernetic enhancements. It is designed to hunt and kill Inhumans, and some of its abilities come from direct experimentation on mutants, such as its ability to project Electro-Magnetic pulses which can shut down all electronic devices around it.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Predator I is a genetically engineered Animal-Inhuman hybrid developed for the express purpose of hunting and killing Inhumans. The Predator I are dependent on Inhuman DNA with an insatiable craving for Inhuman blood, bone, muscle and flesh. It craves its next meal even while finishing its current fare. It's abilities and powers include:

  • I-Gene Location: It was been stated that Predator I was designed to hunt Inhumans by smell, but Predator I has demonstrated the ability to sense and track Inhumans over great distances.
  • Malleable Organic-Metallic Skin: Predator X has liquid metal skin as a result of being cybernetically enhanced. This protects the Predators from many attacks, and most fatal blows need to be delivered through exposing their flesh.
  • Accelerated Healing: Predator has demonstrated rapid healing abilities.
  • Razor-Sharp Claws and Fangs: Predator X possesses fangs and claws sharp enough to easily tear through fresh and bones.
  • Superhuman Strength & Stamina: Predator X has musculature and metabolism are designed in such as way to allow for feats of great strength and excessive exercise without signs of tiring.
  • Acquired Adaption: Its genetics were left intentionally incomplete allowing its DNA strand to evolve with every meal. This allows for increased size  and to form defensive attributes against powers similar to its victim's.
  • Sanguineous Based Empathic Memory and Emotional Absorption: As a hunting mechanism, when a Predator I comes into contact with Inhuman blood, a psychic connection forms between the hunter and its prey. This allows the Predator I to see flashes of their preys' memories.
  • Electro Magnetic Field Generation: As a contribution of the Inhuman Lincoln's DNA, The Predator I is capable of producing an Electro-Magnetic field powerful enough to shut down all electronic devices for up to 5 miles.

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