Prowler, During Spider-Man's "Interrogation"
Vital statistics
Position Criminal
Age 33
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5' 9"
Weight 79 Kilograms
Aaron Davis was a burglar and career criminal living in Queens who goes by the alias Prowler. Aaron used to be partners in crime alongside his brother Jefferson, but his brother retired when he became a father to Miles Morales, while Aaron continued his criminal activities. During some point in his career, Aaron came to work with fellow criminal Mac Gargan also known as the Scorpion. With a need to further his interests, he sought out the services of two of the Vulture's henchmen in order to get one of their weapons. After a testing of the weapons Davis was wary of the guns, as all he wanted was something small to just mug people. While Davis was being offered other options, they were interrupted by the vigilante Spider-Man and assumed that Davis had set them up. As the two pointed their guns at Aaron, Spider-Man told the arms dealers to shoot him instead, giving Aaron the chance to escape. Sometime later, Spider-Man confronts Aaron to ask him where Vulture's men are going to be, and because of wanting the guns off the streets to protect his nephew and wanting to repay Spider-Man for saving him, Aaron told Spider-Man where the deal would take place.

Gallery Edit

Alternate Design of Prowler
Prowler (ASM)

The Prowler

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