Puppet Master
Interpretation of the Puppet Master - By sallymarsh
Vital statistics
Position Mad Sorcerer
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5' 6"
Weight 150 lbs
Phillip Masters was born in Sokovia, in a town near Wundagore Mountain. His mother died while he was very young and his father put him in an orphanage. He was adopted by his Uncle who gave him a whittling knife which began his hobby of molding clay figures.

One day, upon searching the nearby wilderness for new clay deposits, Philip came across one of the High Evolutionary's unstable waste dump sites. He believed that the substance was clay and collected all of the material to be brought back to his town. He then played with the clay of Wundagore which became the only thing that gave him happiness.

Not long after discovering the clay, Philip discovered that it had a unique ability to control others whom clay created models of with the clay. After discovering this Philip began experimenting on the clay and determined it was radioactive but had no idea where the source came from. Phil thus chose to use the clay to influence super heroes into fighting his battles for him while he attempted to replicate the clay.

Abilities Edit

  • Molecular manipulation: Puppet master is able to mentally, telepathy, thinking and saying control, command, transform, shape, create, transfiguration and materialize all molecules, atoms, particles, electrons, neutrons, protons, quilps, uni, multi, mega, ultra, extra, super and omniverses and realities, existences, worlds, time, space, matter, reality and energy.
  • Voodoo: Puppet master has many decades in voodoo magic and he has make and created various magic powders,spellbooks,voodoo dolls,cauldrons,potions and elixirs He is the greatest voodoo man in marvel

Equipment Edit

  • Psychic Clay: The Puppet Master’s powers are derived from his special clay. This radioactive clay contains low level isotopes; it is incapable of directly harming anyone. The clay comes from deposits found on Wundagore Mountain in Sokovia.