Purple Man
Vital statistics
Position Crime Lord

Member of The Hand Member of HYDRA

Age 40
Status Alive (Revived)
Physical attributes
Height 6′ 1″
Weight 161 lbs

Kevin Thompson, known as Kilgrave, is a British man with the ability to control people's minds. He was a figure from Jessica Jones past, who came back to haunt her. This lasted until she killed him, only for Kilgrave to be resurrected by the Hand.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Kevin Thompson was subjected to harsh experiments as a child by his scientist parents to prevent his neural degenerative disease from taking hold of him. These experiments caused Kevin to develop Mind Control and he would use these powers to corrupt numerous people for years to come as Zebediah Kilgrave, the Man in Purple.

Love of My Life Edit

Kilgrave eventually found a woman named Jessica Jones for whom he made his companion. On one such assignment, Kilgrave ordered Jessica to murder a woman who snubbed him, which caused Jessica to snap out of his control over the shock of what she had done. Shortly afterward, a bus hit Kilgrave when he tried to pursue her, which severely wounded him. After several infusions of kidney transplants, Kilgrave returned a year later to find Jessica, for whom he had grown an obsession for.

Be Still My Beating Heart Edit

Kilgrave then tried to upgrade his powers to control Jessica, but all attempts failed. During their last encounter, Jessica tricked Kilgrave into thinking that the upgrade worked, but in fact she took the opportunity to snap his neck.

Back With a Vengeance Edit

In the months following Kilgrave's death, his body would be recovered by The Hand, who had heard all the rumors surrounding Kilgrave's abilities. The Hand intended to resurect Kilgrave so that he may join their cause. After The Hand brought him back to life with the ancient power of their organization, Kilgrave used his powers to make the guards release him from his restraints. Kilgrave was in a state of confusion having no idea whether or not he was alive or dead. It was soon after he was revived that Gorgon arrived and introduced both himself and their organization. Kilgrave then asked Gorgon why they revived him, and in response Gorgon handed Kilgrave a picture of Jessica Jones and stated that they had common enemies. After being offered not only the means to cheat death, but a chance to exact vengeance upon Jones, Kilgrave accepted Gorgon's offer and became an operative of The Hand. In additon to the Hand, Kilgrave followed Gorgon in signing on for work as one of HYDRA's high-ranking agents to try and rebuild the organization from the ground up following the failed return of their original master, the Hive.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Mind Control: Kilgrave has the power to control the actions of others through verbal commands, somewhat akin to a powerful hypnotic suggestion. His body produces an airborne virus that makes his victims susceptible to his spoken word, and then they have no choice but to obey his every whim even to the point where they might commit suicide or kill a loved one. Initially, this control could last for a twelve hour period although it was later extended to twenty-four. The viral and verbal nature of Kilgrave's power limits its efficacy in circumstances where either the virus or the sound of his voice are blocked or sufficiently diffused. This includes electronic transmission, where audio transducers are typically not able to convey whatever element of his voice carries his power to command (Towards the end of the series, he becomes powerful enough to overcome his previous inability to manipulate folks through electronics). Aside from his own limits, the literal interpretation of his commands can also provide unexpected results when his victims execute his commands in an unexpected way. Surgical anesthesia shuts down the exact part of his brain that creates his powers, instantly ending any control he's currently putting out and he is still without it for a while after waking up.

Post-Resurrection Powers: Because of both being resurrected by a great power and his Enhanced biology, Kilgrave's natural abilities have been increased in addition to an:

  • Accelerated Healing Factor: Killgrave's body has also been mutated by the power that revived him, so that he is able to recover rapidly from trauma and to heal from severe injuries. In at least one instance, he entered a death-like state while his body healed itself.

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