Raina grew up in the streets with her friends Masano and Kaidan, they were taken in by Calvin Zabo and later learned more about Raina's grandmothers stories about the Inhumans. The trio seperated and Raina went out on her own. She later joined HYDRA's super soldier Deathlok division and after the program was stopped she went back to Calvin Zabo to trade info on the Diviner in exchange for his daughter Daisy. Raina was later abducted by HYDRA to get inside the Kree Temple where she took the Diviner and triggered her Terrigenisis. She then hated her change until she was taken in by fellow Inhumans. She then grew became romantically interested with gordon the teleporter land after jiaying was defeated he nursed her back to health so they could both learn a little more about them selves.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Precognition: Raina experiences flash visions when awake, and dreams of future events within her normal sleep cycle. While her visions of the future may seem limited by their random nature, they are also not limited to things she will personally experience in time. She appears to have no control over what she sees, and tends to think of unwanted visions as "nightmares".