Reaper (MCU) by dbvinal

Reaper by dbvinal

Pantu Hurageb was a wounded soldier originally listed as a candidate for the Centipede program. After it was shut down by Phil Coulson's SHIELD, Pantu was moved to a secure HYDRA facility where he was equipped with a experimental scythe prototype as well as cybernetic enhancements. He was then made one of HYDRA's enhanced Agents.

Powers and Abilities Edit

His Scythe has been equipped to be able to produce:

  • Paralyzing Waves: Reaper's Scythe generates a paralyzing effect that slowed reaction time and limited mobility in others. He used his scythe as a conduit to amplify his powers and fully paralyze victims struck by it.

Due to the Cybertek program's augmentation, he acquired:

  • Cybernetic Enhancement: He recieved a bionic arm as well as many other cybernetic enhancements as a result of being experimented on by Cybertek.

Weapons Edit

Scythes; bionics.

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