Elaine Colls was a former mental patient in Hell's Kitchen who's mental instability was seen as an opportunity for recruitment for the Sinister Six. She was given a modified version of Scorpion's suit and given the alias Scorpia.

Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

The tail and pincers of Scorpia’s armor can fire a multitude of energy bursts. She can choose to fire one or a combination of electrical, laser, microwave or plasma bursts at any preferred concentration. Her costume is also equipped with a micro-thin force field that keeps her from mortal harm.

Weapons Edit

Scorpia’s primary weapon is her upgraded Scorpion suit (see main image) which enhances her strength and speed five hundred percent. It is equipped with a version of the original Scorpion’s tail that can be used to slice, crush, strangle, or fire energy bursts at her foes. In addition, her costume has forearm “pincers” that have razor sharp edges for slashing and they can also fire energy blasts.

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