Skrull super mind

The Shaper of Worlds is the Skrull equivalent to the Kree Supreme Intelligence, made from a selection of Skrull Sodldiers and a collection of all the energy the Skrulls mangaged to gatherfrom their research into the Infinity Stones. The combined Skrulls and the energy from the stones created a cosmic being and the Skrull's most powerful warrior.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Body Armor: The Shaper of Worlds is naturally protected against attacks, and can manipulate reality to be invulnerable.
  • Reality Manipulation: The Shaper of Worlds generates illusions that cannot be distinguished from reality. Its initial reach is limited to a few meters, but increases when used: He can transform an entire planet in 21 hours. "Illusions" last for four years, unless the Shaper manipulates them again to be kept. Notice that the Shaper has no imagination of his own, so he depends on other beings' ideas to manipulate reality. He is in fact attracted by grandiose, interesting and unusual dreams, no matter if they are harmful or not, although he can be convinced to deny a "dream".

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