Vital statistics
Position -Villain
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5' 11"
Weight 170 lbs
Jalome Beacher was a talented chemical engineer working in the household product design - development laboratory of Oscorp Industries who created a chemical coating that, when applied to any object, eliminated all friction between that object and surfaces. Beacher was about to unveil his discovery when Norman Osborn announced his company's merger with Advanced Idea Mechanics and placed one of the senior executives of the government think-tank in charge of half of the corporation's lesser divisions. He subsequently announced that he would be cutting back on all nonessential branches of the corporation, the household design and development branch included, and Beacher was fired in private afterwards. Disgraced but not giving up yet, Beacher decided to build his own private company founded on the non-stick chemical product, but discovered that no bank would lend the money needed without a sizeable down payment.

Creating a special uniform coated with the chemical, Beacher could move at high speeds on foot by sliding with extreme maneuverability. He adopted the name Slyde and set out to steal the money he needed, as well as to force the A.I.M. executive out of business.

Abilities Edit

Slyde was a talented chemical engineer before taking to a life of crime.

Equipment Edit

  • Slippery Suit: Slyde's suit was covered with an experimental substance that eliminated friction between it and other surfaces. Most adhesives (including Spider-Man's webbing) would not stick to him and it was virtually impossible to grasp him barehanded.

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