Space parasite
Randau was the King of the Xeronians, a peaceful alien society. When they were about to be attacked by another alien race, King Randau subjected himself to an experimental, untested treatment in the solar chamber which, using the energy of Xeron's third sun, turned him into the perfect warrior, the Space Parasite - however, he needed to feed off the energy of beaten foes to survive.

After he defeated the aliens, he left their planet to find stronger opponents with the excuse of fighting potential threats for Xeron. Calling himself the Space Parasite, he left his planet for good. The Xeronians crowned a new king in his absence.

Randau then went looking for the Dark Lord Thanos to defeat him and steal his power. Thanos proved to powerful, but Thanos was impressed with Randau's powers and offered him a foe of emmense power as compensation for his sevices.

Powers and Abilities Edit

After his mutation, the Space Parasite can sponge up the life energy and physical strength of victims he had defeated.  When replenished, the Parasite was a match for the Hulk.

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