William Nasland was a soldier who first came to prominence during the early 1940's as a adventurer who fought against Nazi espionage in the United States. He later adopted his patriotic costume and name in imitation of the original Captain America, Although he called himself the Spirit of 76.

In 1946 the SSR learned that Adam II, a malevolent android, The Spirit found Adam II and learned that the robot was secretly programmed by agents of the newly born HYDRA to rid the world of the follower of Captain America. So before Will could warn the SSR of HYDRA's plot's for world conquest ,Adam II's superhumanly strong arms caught Captain America and crushed him in its grip, mortally injuring him. The dying hero managed to use a flare device to render the robot inactive, simultaneously providing the signal that summoned the other members of the SSR. HYDRA had plenty of time to cover their tracks but left Adam II behind. Adam was later placed in SHIELD custody, while Will was remembered as a hero.

Abilities Edit

Nasland was a brilliant all-round athlete and a superb hand-to-hand combatant.

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