Spymaster red 2

Spymaster design based on Sinclair Abbot's red costume

Sinclair Abbot also known as the Spymaster is a costumed freelance industrial spy, saboteur, and assassin with advanced weaponry. He is a master of espionage and was one of the students of Taskmaster. He mainly works for AIM on account of them upgrading his armor.

Abilities Edit

Spymaster has no superhuman abilities. However, he is an exceptional fighter and strategist. With formal training in boxing and various martial arts. Also is an extraordinary industrial spy and saboteur, master of disguise, a superb actor, a highly agile and skilled athlete, and greatly skilled in the uses of virtually any kind of gun. Spymaster always has access to cutting-edge technology for a number of espionage-related devices and weapons, both of his own design and those of AIM. The Spymaster used various special devices including, incendiary missiles, "razor-discs" that could pierce Iron Man's armor, stunguns, sleep inducing "somnu-gas", boot jets that allowed flight, his suit is composed of bulletproof Kevlar body armor which provides some protection from physical attacks, and which contains various pockets for holding weaponry.

Gallery Edit

Spymaster design based on original costume

Spymaster by Andy MacDonald

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