Squid Prince

The Squid by Joaquin E Rodriguez

Donny Callahan was a volunteer of one of Oscorp's cross-species experiments. The results gave him augmented abilities to become a super criminal called the Squid. He later became of a member of the Sinister Six.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Squid-like Physiology: The Squid can shift from his human form to a squid-like form. Squid has several powers that are similar to a cephalopod.

  • Tentacles: In his Squid form, Callahan sprouted several extendable tentacles that protrude from his upper back, with which he could lift things that are heavier than his human form and uses them to grasp and attack his enemies. They can restrain a person with Class 10 strength.
  • Ink Generation: The Squid can shoot ink at his enemies. The ink can blind his opponents and the smell can be nauseating for some. Originally it was only from his hands, later on it could secrete from anywhere on his body.
  • Enhanced Strength: He has a degree of superhuman strength.
  • Minor Elasticity: He has either no bones or a highly malleable skeleton, enabling him to squeeze through narrow spaces, such as pipes.

Gallery Edit

Squid full body

Squid (ASM - MCU)

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